Playing Her Strong Suit

Gt Rhodes Tannery 20210421 1505
Gerre Rhodes took a chance on opening G.T. Rhodes in 1981, leaning on close friends for guidance in the retail market.


Gerre Rhodes smiles as she hears the bell letting her know someone has just walked through the door of her store on Beachland Boulevard. It looks like another busy day ahead, just the way the owner of G.T. Rhodes Menswear likes it.

For 40 years Rhodes has cheerfully greeted shoppers and helped them find what they’re looking for. Along the way many have become friends, stopping by to chat, exchange news, or just to say hello. The funny thing is, after spending time with Rhodes, they always seem to walk out the door holding a bag sporting the store’s signature gold logo. 

Six days a week, eight-plus hours a day, Rhodes presides over the beachside landmark, assisting customers, ordering and arranging merchandise, and seeing to a multitude of other business details. She loves every minute.  

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