Plein Air Paradise

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Nancy and Dave Herbert’s British West Indies-style home seamlessly blends thoughtfully designed indoor and outdoor living spaces for relaxed resort living.


For years, we told ourselves we’ll never build a house, and we’ll never live in Florida! But here we are, and it feels just right,” proclaims Nancy Herbert, gazing proudly at the newly constructed British West Indies-style home she and her husband, Dave, built in Floralton Beach, located on the south end of the Vero Beach barrier island.  

“We moved around a lot during my career in financial services,” says Dave, “never staying long enough to put down roots. So, when it came time for us to think about retirement, we were ready to settle into a forever home.”

The only question was, “Where would that be?”

The couple visited and vacationed in several popular locales before settling on Vero Beach. “We wanted to move somewhere friendly from a climate perspective,” remarks Dave, “and Vero Beach, with its beautiful beaches, big-city cultural attractions and quaint small-town atmosphere, checked all the boxes.”

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