Poetry of Nature

1977 13 Lakegeorgeandcaldwell Bychambers
Thomas Chambers (1808–1869), “Lake George and the Village of Caldwell,” ca. 1843-1860. Oil on canvas, 22 x 29 3/4 inches. New-York Historical Society, Thomas Jefferson Bryan Fund, 1977.13


Ancient trees that have stood stalwart while the centuries rolled by. Pine forests of deep green hues. Lakes of soft blue nestled in tranquil valleys. Mountains of gray and white rising toward azure skies. Sailboats voyaging upon the waters of a great river. Such vistas can be found in the art of the Hudson River school.

This beloved group of 19th-century American painters found inspiration from the waterways, forests and mountains of the Northeast. Beyond that, they found inspiration from the beauty and wonder of nature itself, and their paintings can evoke peace and refreshment while simultaneously suggesting adventure and exploration.

Now, the Hudson River has come to Vero Beach. The work of these talented and historic artists is being featured in a special exhibit at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. The exhibit comes from the New-York Historical Society, an important treasury of the Hudson River school, and it features more than 40 paintings. It is fittingly titled “Poetry of Nature,” a name that honors the awareness of beauty, the literary connections, and the deep love of the natural world that animated these artists.

What will you discover in “Poetry of Nature”? 

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