Portrait Of Isabelle


Isabelle has visited Monet’s home at Giverny many times. Giverny in Bloom was painted this past summer.

Throughout the world there still exist people who will hide their face from a camera, believing that when you take a photograph you capture a piece of the soul. To experience a portrait by Vero Beach artist Isabelle Beuttell Dayton, you know this must be true. She is an artist by her hand as well as her spirit.

Soft blonde curls frame her girlish face. She smiles often and her smile is pretty, but it is her eyes that one notices most. They are knowing, wise, bright and inquisitive. Her manner is soft and considerate. She chooses each word carefully, almost as if she is selecting a color from her palette. She is a woman born to an upper-class family and carries herself with the grace of one who has known the finer things in life. But it is the timeless moments of life and the natural relationships between people that serve as inspiration for her art.

Read the entire article in the February 2002 issue

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