Rose-Colored Pastels

Img 7925

“Beachhead,” soft pastel on sanded paper, 8 x 8 inches

One would think that after owning a successful New York City interior design firm for 30 years, Lisa Rose was looking forward to a life of leisure. Think again. While retirement meant no dealing with clients, deliveries and deadlines, it offered the opportunity to explore and delight in what turned out to be a previously untapped talent.

For the optimistic Rose, who says her emblem could well be the Energizer Bunny, it all began when she moved to Vero Beach.

“I had always thought of Florida as being a place full of shell shops and trailer camps, and here I was, driving along winding roads lined with oaks dripping with Spanish moss. It was a design client who opened my eyes several years ago,” she says, recalling the change of heart that led to her selling her New York City apartment and moving to Palm Beach Gardens.

“I started coming up to Vero Beach to help a longtime friend who was renovating a property he inherited from his parents, and I remember thinking this is a really nice place. There was a wonderful museum, theater and not a lot of traffic. It was charming.”

As a result, Rose purchased a house on the barrier island and continued her life as a snowbird, alternating seasons between Vero Beach and her home in the Hamptons.

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