Ship to Shore

Lange Sykes Tannery 20210127 0705
Unable to find the type of shoe he needed, Vero Beach native Lange Sykes decided to build them himself.


It’s early morning, and as the sun begins to rise, spreading its soft golden glow over ocean waters, Lange Sykes stands on the shore and smiles. Surf’s up, and he’s going into the water. It’s the perfect way to start the day.

For as long as Sykes can remember, he has been drawn to the waters that surround him. It’s been that way since he was 3 years old and held a fishing rod in his small hands for the first time; boating, diving and surfing naturally followed. So, too, did joy, contentment and bursts of inspiration. 

And it is inspiration that led the third-generation Riomar resident and artist to design a genuine leather waterproof shoe that can literally go from boat to boardroom to an after-hours bistro and beyond. The breathable, odorless lining and nonslip, nonmarking outsole are practical assets, and decorative, interchangeable accessories called bearings lend flair and individuality. 

Welcome to the story of Riomar Shoes, one of those “necessity is the mother of invention” tales that began with Sykes’ frustration at having to deal with soaked, soggy and smelly shoes. If there was a better type of shoe out there, he couldn’t find it.

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