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In a world of texting, email, voicemail and junk mail, a handwritten note stands out and brightens the recipient's day.


When Wendy Roberts temporarily closed her gift shop, Noteworthy by Design, at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, she stayed home and did what comes naturally to her. She put pen to paper and sent out five handwritten notes a day to friends, family members and customers.

“I wanted to let people know that I was thinking of them and hoped that my personal note would help brighten their day,” says Roberts, who has been in the business of creating custom stationery and invitations for the past 15 years at her distinctively inviting store in the Village Shops.

Several people wrote back with their own words of encouragement, while expressing gratitude for the thoughtful gesture. “They wrote about the challenges and blessings of being quarantined; but clearly they appreciated the connection we made, and that’s what matters most,” adds Roberts, a self-described “connection person,” who has made it a point to reach out to many people throughout her life with heartfelt cards and notes. “Taking the time to put your thoughts on paper shows that you truly care about someone.”

In today’s digital age, with the ability to quickly convey thanks and thoughts via a text, email or phone call, some might assume that the handwritten note is a dying art. Au contraire, according to Margaret Shepherd in her book “The Art of The Handwritten Note.”

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