Stages of Life

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One of the many ways the United Way supports local nonprofit organizations is by making this large community meeting room available for use at no cost.


When Michael Kint walks out of his office for the last time this month, he will officially join the ranks of the retired. However, don’t expect him to kick back, put his feet up and take it easy. Kint has plans — plans to travel with his wife, Sandy, volunteer where needed, and just maybe let the smell of grease paint lure him back to the theater.

But before that happens, a rousing round of applause for the man often referred to as “Mr. United Way” is in order. For 25 years, Kint has played a key role in developing community impact initiatives built on collaboration, consensus and camaraderie.

Kint is an optimist whose glass-overflowing outlook inspires others to view obstacles as opportunities when it comes to improving the lives of Indian River County residents. It’s been that way since he joined the United Way as foundation development director. Hired to implement a comprehensive planned-giving program, Kint credits “a great team of volunteers” with building a permanent endowment.

Four years later, when the state of Florida mandated that counties create a school readiness coalition to manage state and federal dollars earmarked for early childhood education, the task landed on Kint’s desk.

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