Tea For Two, And For You


Wang and Dickerson love to talk about tea Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market on Ocean Drive.

On any given Saturday morning, Wendy Wang can be found at the open air Farmer’s Market Oceanside in Vero Beach, handing out samples of Wang and Dickerson Artisan Oolong Tea. As those gathered around her sip and savor, Wang talks with them about the health and wellness benefits derived from drinking the pure organic brew made from plants grown in tea gardens on the highest mountaintops in Taiwan.

“I have people who stop by and tell me they never drink tea, but after they taste ours, which is unlike the mass-produced packaged teas you find on shelves in grocery stores, they often change their minds, and they tell their friends,” says Wang, smile bright.

“Really good quality tea is actually very difficult to find in America. Truly premium and award-winning teas quickly sell out in Asia and most do not even reach the United States. Our focus is to find these top-quality teas and make them available to our customers in Vero Beach and around the country. There is such a difference.”

She should know. Born and raised in Taiwan, Wang grew up immersed in a culture that honors the tea arts and social aspects of tea consumption. Tea tables are a standard feature in most Taiwanese homes and businesses, and “Come in and have some tea,” is a familiar greeting to visitors of all ages.

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