The Science Of Success

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Mrs. Bruckner’s fifth grade combined math and science class helps students develop a solid grounding in both subjects.

Osceola Magnet School is the district’s first magnet school, established 25 years ago to add a focus on science and math throughout its curriculum and to draw, like a magnet, its students from all over the county.  

With a goal of academic excellence and an expectation of family involvement, the first administration and teachers lit the fuse to what the school would become. Today, like a rocket that soars into a nighttime sky, Osceola Magnet School lights the way for its students to succeed in school and in life. And it continues to reach new heights in achievement — with state  and national awards to prove it. 

The Florida Department of Education consistently recognizes Osceola Magnet as an “A” school. Yet that grade is only part of the reason it is exceptional. Principal Scott Simpson points to the school’s three major components that enhance learning: its teachers, its families and its culture. And parents give much of the credit to Simpson for his leadership. In the end, they all contribute to making it one of the top elementary schools in the district, and its students are the beneficiaries.

Osceola Elementary School opened its doors in 1958 in downtown Vero Beach at 6th Avenue and 20th Street, where Christ Church stands today. In 1992, the school district designated it a science and math magnet school to give its students a grounding and a love of mathematics, science and technology, and thus help them to be better able to meet the challenges of the future. In 2010, the school moved to its present location in south Vero Beach at the site of the former Thompson Elementary School.

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