The Trust Factor

David and Melissa Bowser
David and Melissa Bowser turned over the keys of their 1970s condo to Builders East and Decorative Arts Designs. Six months later, they returned to a redesigned home that was everything they wanted and more.

Photography by Martina Tannery


Melissa and David Bowser weren’t sure what to expect when they approached the door to their John’s Island beachside condo. It had been six months since the couple from Wellesley, Massachusetts, agreed to have Mark Williams and Robert Masseau of Builders East, along with Stevie Cappelen and Deb Daly of Decorative Arts Designs, redesign, rebuild and furnish their home away from home. They hadn’t been back since.

Built in the 1970s, the three-bedroom condo had belonged to Melissa’s parents, and the Bowsers visited them often. After her mother passed away two years ago, Melissa and David made the decision to buy it.

“At first we weren’t sure what to do with the property, but we had so many wonderful memories of the times we spent here that we just couldn’t let it go,” says Melissa, who, of the four siblings in her family, was the most emotionally attached to the condo.

“David and I both went to Rollins (College), and we used to come over for weekends. After we got married and had children, we continued to visit. When our six kids thought we might not buy the condo, they were devastated. Vero Beach and John’s Island have always held a special place in all our hearts.”

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