The World’s Largest Mahogany Table Returns To Mckee


After a nearly 30-year absence, the world’s largest one-piece mahogany table is back home at the Hall of Giants at McKee Botanical Garden. The single slab of Philippine wood measures 35′ 10″ long, 5″ thick, and was the centerpiece of the historic Hall of Giants at McKee Jungle Gardens from 1940 until 1976.

Waldo Sexton, one of the original founders and owners of McKee Jungle Gardens, first saw the table in 1903 at the St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition. He purchased it nearly 20 years later in a basement of a New York City warehouse and had it shipped by boat to Vero Beach.

In 1940, the Hall of Giants was constructed to house the table, which served as the focal point for the unique cypress and heart pine building. The Hall of Giants was a popular gathering spot for community events, including football banquets, corporate annual meetings and Chamber of Commerce dinners.

Read the entire article in the  March 2004 issue

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