Traders Of The Lost Arts


Elke and Richard pose with “Elke’s Boyfriend,” a fierce Ming Dynasty warrior from China that guards the hall.

Elke was a flight attendant from Paris. Richard was an engineer from California.

They met in Teheran, in the land of the ancient Persians, during what we all thought were the halcyon days when the Shah ruled the country.

They had both had previous relationships, but were free at that time. They roamed the country from the Caspian Sea to Persepolis, from the Zagros Mountains across Iran to the border and into Afghanistan. Their life together has been one adventure after another ever since.

Today, Elke and Richard Brockway are the owners of Antique Art International, purveyors of fine art from the ancient world of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, the Middle East, and the Chinese dynasties. It did not happen overnight.

Read the entire article in the  February 2004 issue

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