Unbridled Beauty


The Evanses’ home reflects Argentine estancia architecture that is linear, rustic and relaxing. As Janis says, “It’s a place where Frank can walk in with his boots on.”

Janis Evans never dreamed her husband, Frank, would be spending so much time with horses. While growing up, the now-passionate polo player didn’t have an interest in running with the equine set. That changed shortly after the couple moved to the New Jersey town where the U.S. Equestrian Team has its headquarters.

“Frank said, ‘If I’m going to live here, I’m going to learn how to ride.’ He started taking lessons, and that led to his learning how to play polo. As someone who played hockey, Frank already had a natural swing with the stick, and he became obsessed,” Janis muses, recalling her husband’s introduction to the world of polo, which led the couple to Windsor, where they purchased property and built a cottage and guesthouse close to the Equestrian Center.

Unlike the majority of Windsor’s two-story residences that reflect the private community’s signature Anglo-Caribbean architecture, the Evanses’ single-story home bears a distinctive Latin American flavor.

“In 2015, Frank spent time in Argentina looking for polo ponies, and while he was there he immersed himself in the polo culture,” says Janis. “He really loved the estancia style architecture, which is linear, a little rustic, sparse, comfortable and relaxing. It’s my ‘aah’ place. It’s also a place where Frank can walk in with his boots on.”

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