Water, Water Everywhere


Bathed in the blue velvet of twilight, this waterfront property emanates a dramatic presence. The architect skillfully incorporated four different pools into one large one facing the Indian River. The pools achieve a dual function by providing therapy and beauty. At the far end of the pool, the brightly-lit cabana houses the infrared sauna.

In an effort to improve their health and fitness and to fight the debilitating effect of an autoimmune disease, a couple from the Northeast created an elaborate water spa and sauna at the house they renovated here in Vero Beach. The property now sports a generous pool consisting of a long lap pool as well as a mineral pool, a spa and a cold plunge pool. The infrared sauna is tucked away in a charming cabana nearby.

Early on in the project, the couple communicated to the design and construction team their desire for an aesthetic look for the pool and deck area so that the architect, designers and builders they worked with all understood that the pool area had to be beautiful.

For the design team, the project held many challenges. Architect Rob Atkins notes, “Given the relatively limited space on the river side of the house, the pool was to be a sculptural element in the landscape. The entire pool combines three pools and a spa. We did not want all that water to be overpowering visually.”

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