Bringing A Clubhouse Up To Par


Aerial view of the renovated clubhouse and its surroundings.

It took a strong team to pull off the complete renovation of the John’s Island West Clubhouse over last summer, and such a team did just that to the universal approval of the people who count – the members of the John’s Island Club.

The team included Tommy Farnsworth, president of the John’s Island Club when the decision to renovate the facility was made; Connie McGlynn, chairman of the Facilities Committee, and committee members Laura McDermott and Terry Young; architects David Moulton and Scott Layne of Moulton Layne P.L.; Janet Perry, lead designer with J Banks Design Group; project manager Charles Croom of Croom Construction; landscape designer Warren E. McCormick; Brian Kroh, John’s Island Club general manager; Rex Wilson, John’s Island Club facilities manager, and Greg Pheneger, John’s Island golf course manager.

The finished product met all of their expectations, and the many kudos made the hard work and long hours gratifying. “This is the first project I’ve been involved with in 25 years where the response has been 100 percent favorable,” Kroh says.

A frequently expressed view is, “I can’t believe it’s the same building.” Comments from enthusiastic members on seeing the clubhouse for the first time include, “It’s a home run!” and “The clubhouse is to die for!” And there is even this remark made sotto voce to another member: “I’m not telling people whom I voted for president and I’m not telling people I didn’t think this renovation was a good idea.”

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