Canine vs. Condo


Bear was free and easy down on the farm, but now needs to embrace condo living.

“It’s a nightmare!” exclaims Alise Hayes, jade green eyes wide and fair hair askew. We have met outside her condominium building on the Indian River where she is tightly gripping a frayed leash as Bear, a fuzzy-faced Wheaten terrier, barks maniacally at a passing poodle. Bear recently raised the hackles of the vigilant condo board when he cornered a board member’s Maltese in the elevator.

Alise’s father, retired military man and patriarch Grandpa Gus, has moved in with Bear and left his sprawling Virginia farm behind. Condo life is foreign to both owner and dog, and Alise has asked for training tips despite Gus’s objections.
She leans toward me as we enter the lobby to meet Gus. “He might be a bit hostile.”

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