Lessons Learned In The House Of Turtles


Tourist activity generated by Mano Juan’s "Casa de las Tortugas" has inspired villagers on Isla Saona to start up similar businesses. With a thatched roof and colorful beach scenes painted by local artists, it’s a favorite tourist stop.

“To a great extent, sustainability is like good art …hard to describe but we know it when we see it.” – Ray Hilborn, marine biologist, conservationist.

How important is tourism to the economic vitality of a region? John Myers will tell you that on a scale of 1 to 10 it ranks right up there at the top. As deputy director of The Nature Conservancy’s Caribbean Program in Vero Beach he will also add a caveat, and that is the need to conserve the natural resources that attract people.

“The Caribbean is the most tourism-dependent area in the world, accounting for around 25 percent of the region’s GDP and one in every four jobs,” says Myers.

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