Local Brewer Goes to the Dogs


Vero Beach’s own Hmielewski family has created LuKaya Beers’ Two Tail Pale Ale, shown here with what they call “perfect color and head.” Their beloved dogs Lucy and Kaya, for whom the beer is named, grace the label on every bottle.

Beer has existed for millennia. Records of some of the world’s most ancient civilizations, including Egypt, Sumeria and Mesopotamia, document its preparation and consumption.

Fast forward to present-day Vero Beach. To the many thousands of beer varieties in the world, a local family has added its very own contribution: LuKaya Beers’ Two Tail Pale Ale.

The Hmielewski family (pronounced Hem-a-leski) has made an interesting journey into the high-tech, competitive beer business.

It began when Chuck and Sharon Hmielewski’s daughter Nicole, a 1996 graduate of Saint Edward’s School, decided to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. Upon visiting his sister there, Eric Hmielewski, a 2000 Saint Edwards graduate who was attending Virginia Tech, was impressed  by the prevalence of microbrews in Colorado culture.

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