This is Amore


Safari gelato from Sweet Kiss — a vanilla gelato in a dessert shell with hibiscus syrup and crunchy dark chocolate, garnished with fresh raspberries.

Tucked away behind the hustle and bustle of traffic on Miracle Mile sits a hidden treasure. Sweet Kiss, a small ice cream parlor located in the plaza that once housed Modernage furniture, serves excellent espressos, cappuccinos, iced coffees and smoothies. But it is the artisan gelato — Italy’s version of ice cream — that has taken Vero Beach by storm and has kept customers coming back for more.

Gelato dates back to a time when Romans carried snow down from the mountaintops to be mixed with fruit and honey and sold as "la dolce neve" or sweet snow. Today, gelaterias all over Italy entice strollers to come in and indulge in this creamy, intensely flavored treat. 

The beginnings of a great-tasting gelato start with the freshest, all-natural ingredients and employ time-honored methods. Priding themselves on their product’s authenticity, the gelato makers at Sweet Kiss use specialty extracts imported directly from Italy and the freshest locally grown fruits and berries. As tradition dictates, they dish it up using a paddle-like utensil rather than a scoop and use metal containers, never plastic — a surefire sign of high quality gelato. Containing 30 to 40 percent less sugar and fat than ice cream, it is made with organic whole milk instead of cream and contains no preservatives, coloring or stabilizers. It is also whipped at slower speeds and served 10 degrees warmer than ice cream, giving it a dense, silky smooth texture that explodes with vibrant flavors on the tongue.

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