Seeing 20/20 with Tori Ueltschi Barnett


Tori Ueltschi Barnett 10 years later, on a visit to her parents' Vero Beach home.

Victoria (Tori) Ueltschi Barnett graduated from Saint Edward’s School in 2000, earned a degree in journalism and political science, and began her career in the non-profit arena for a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C. Then she went to the ABC News program, 20/20, working for host John Stossel, and now is trying her hand as an entrepreneur. Quite a ride in a 10-year span.

Tori attended the University of North Carolina, which was a family tradition. Both of her parents, Jim and Jean Ueltschi, as well as her older brother, are also graduates of the Chapel Hill school. Once there, she chose her own direction and has pursued it diligently. She graduated with a double major: journalism (because she excelled in writing at Saint Edward’s) and political science (an interest for which she credits her father).

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