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Seconds on Swordfish

I hear it all over town: “The only time I eat fish is when I go to a restaurant;” “Every time I cook fish it’s a disaster;” “Fish is too difficult to cook.”

Nonsense! The truth is that fish could not be easier, quicker or more delicious than when prepared in a home kitchen or on the patio grill. Fish also has the added advantage of being good for you, especially the local Florida species that can boast of having both low calories and a low percentage of unsaturated fat. Additionally, fish and shellfish are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

For the novice fish cook, however, buying can be daunting. Don’t hesitate to ask the fishmonger questions. He or she knows the product, where it comes from and how it should be handled. And often, they can walk you through a recipe or suggest a simple preparation.

Read the entire article in the April 2005 issue

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