Passage To India


Charles Sanford has never taken a formal cooking lesson, but has mastered many types of cuisine. He was intrigued by Indian food and enjoys the complexity of its preparation. Here, he is frying pappadams in oil but says they may also be microwaved.

Walk into Charles  and Rosemary Sanford’s home on a Sunday afternoon, close your eyes, breathe deeply and you are transported to an exotic world where spices rule. Welcome to the world of Indian cuisine.

Charles taught himself to cook in college, as a pastime and for survival. “It became a hobby of mine when I started dating in school. It was a good way to impress the girls,” he jokes.

Along the way he learned that cooking was the path to his true love’s heart.  Rosemary confesses that she enjoyed going to Charles’ place because he made dinner. She recalls one of the first meals they shared was steak, baked potato and salad. He later progressed to omelets. “And he was only 18 at the time,” she adds.

Both are now successful graduates of the University of South Carolina, and spend their working hours at Charles’ law practice in Vero Beach. Charles still does the cooking at home.

Read the entire article in the March 2005

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