Seal of Approval


Vero Beach artist Barbara Landry has created a work of art that will help more than one million handicapped Americans this year. Carrying on a 71-year tradition, Landry’s colorful lily will adorn the 2005 Easter Seal.

Founded in 1907 as the National Society for Crippled Children, the organization introduced its first Easter “seal” as a fundraiser in the spring of 1934. Over time, the lily became the trademark seal image, representing springtime, hope and resurrection. By 1967 the seals had become such a well-recognized symbol that the name “Easter Seals” was officially  adopted. Over the years, many talented artists have taken part in the Seals’ mission by creating the images depicted on the seals themselves. This year, Barbara Landry’s rendering of the lily will be at the center of a $10 million fundraising campaign benefiting children and adults with disabilities.                         `

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