The Pooch Professor


Amy Robinson enjoys a moment with her best friends, Golden Retriever “Roxy” (lying down), Golden pup “Drambuie,” Shih Tzu puppy “Oliver” (in her lap) and her certified therapy dog, “Bella,” in her wheelchair cart.

When local dog owners discover that training man’s best friend is more difficult than they thought, Amy Robinson is happy to come to the rescue. In addition to her local popularity, the Chicago native has attained national recognition with appearances on PBS and WGN and in the San Francisco Chronicle and Business Week. Her first video release, “Educate Your Dog,” achieved great success, and her current DVD, “Drool School,” promises to propel Robinson to even greater heights.

Amy Robinson is a lifelong dog-lover. “I was the kind of kid who would knock on people’s doors in my neighborhood, asking if I could play with their dogs,” she recalls. And so it was only natural that as an adult she would seek to work with dogs for her livelihood. As fate would have it, she found a lost Australian Shepherd bearing the tag of its training school. Upon returning the wayward dog Robinson asked for a job at the center.

From there her career as a dog trainer took off…

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