In the Driver’s Seat

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Jimmy Linus, James Linus Sr., Jessica Linus Watford and Jim Linus at the Linus Cadillac of Vero Beach.


Jessica Linus Watford’s days are never dull. As dealer operator for Linus Cadillac Buick GMC, she oversees all aspects of the family-owned business, including brand development, advertising revenue, and ordering vehicles, as well as assisting customers and meeting with employees. 

And that’s just the short list.

From the smile on her face, there’s no question Linus Watford loves what she does, yet it’s not always easy, especially after a year when COVID-19 turned the automobile business model upside down.

Stay-at-home restrictions had people sheltering in place, the thought of purchasing a new or pre-owned car the furthest thing from most of their minds. 

“The entire car-buying experience was completely changed,” she points out. “The silver lining is we had to adapt and change some of our strategies for the better. We made it so the entire car-buying experience could be easily managed from someone’s home. We successfully completed many sales and deliveries remotely.

“The same was true with our service department. There were people who really didn’t feel comfortable bringing their car into the dealership. Arranging for the service that was needed took a lot of coordination, and we had to invest in new team members to make it work. It was just another pivot to focus all our efforts and outcomes on the customer experience.” 

It’s been that way since 2003, when her father and grandfather purchased the local automobile dealership and moved the family from Boca Raton to Vero Beach. 

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